What Are The Best Sofa Beds?

Your needs are the top priority, and you need to look into many things when you have prepared yourself to buy new furniture. Not many consider a sofa takes time or thinking. When you are planning to buy a new sleeper sofa you need to know your requirements forest then you can decide on what you are looking.

Do you have a big family with elders in it? You are not the only one who is going to spend more time in the hall. Retired elders are someone who needs an extra care and you have to make sure that you are taking care of their needs. Almost retired people spend most of their time in Talking to others, Watching TV, Snack time and Movies. Those who spend more time in the hall needs sofas that can comfort them. You can read these shower head reviews and choose the best shower head for your home.

Can you predict how many guests you are going to have at your home? if no, then isn’t it necessary for you to spend some time and think about how you can manage to comfort the guest who will spend 70% of the time in the hall.

Let’s look at sofas that can match your Requirements, Family and Guests.

Farina Sectional Sofa (Chestnut Italian Leather)

Who doesn’t a sofa which is not only made from the High-quality of leather? I wouldn’t complain about it. There are many brands who are focused on providing features that cannot be matched with another sofa in the country.

• These sectional sofas are easy to move and fit all houses.
• They do come at a high price but totally worth every penny.
• It’s easy to move, comfort and you can choose from different variant.
• One of the benefits you can have in these sofas that you can have a bed in the sofa which allows the elders to take a nap or watch movies while watching movies.
• The sofas come with 8 cushions, which will add more comfort and you don’t have to buy expensive matching pillows.
• The cushions are made from the same leather quality of sofa.

Chapman Modular Sofa (Cobalt)

When you have a huge family where you cannot compromise with the quality leather and the comfort. When you have a family above four, then you have to start thinking about how much does it cost and what are the sizes will fit your family.

• High-quality leathers are easy to clean.
• A not even ounce of wood is used in the build so that you can expect a steady, hard and rust proof sofa.
• An appropriate bed as well.
• You can customize it the way you want it to be.
• Lightweight sofa which allows you to customize it and move comfortably.
• You get 8 pillows, which are made from same leather quality and the pillow covers quality is number one.


Sofas are something which has to be very comfortable and should be able to fulfill the requirement of your family than guests. Finding the best one would be difficult, but with a little effort, you can do that. Which one suits you the most? Let us know in the comments.…

Paradise Found, On the Cheap

I woke up this morning to the sound of tropical birds singing from the bright green tangle of tropical trees outside my window at the Marriot Phuket Beach Resort. It’s paradise here, the trees verdant and lush, paths turning among the twisted trunks of trees and manicured grasses. Even the air feels alive here, thick and moving. Mai Khao Beach is a sliver of cerulean blue visible from the pools and open air of the hotel lobby, and when one walks to its shore, the power of the waves is enchanting. We’re not allowed to swim due to huge waves and a mean undertow, so I dipped my toes in, and the water is as warm as a bath.

This is the most beautiful place I have ever stayed in my life. Our apartment is two bedrooms, two bathrooms, with a living room, dining room and kitchen. There are three pools, one infinity, and plenty of lounge chairs where men wait nearby with towels and ice water. It feels like pure luxury here, and I am so happy and thankful to call this place home for three whole days.

And yes, I am staying at this luxury hotel ON THE CHEAP. It may seem surprising or even impossible, but I’m doing it! My travel companions, Neera and Amit Melwani, scored this place through a family connection. And we are staying here FOR FREE. To offset costs, we shopped at a cheap grocery store near the Phuket Airport, and bought a total of about $40 worth of groceries to last us for three days. Fresh fruit, bread, coffee, lunch meat, tuna, and the best Thai “ramen”  have ever had, which was thick and spicy just like a soup you’d get at a Thai restaurant. There are 11 restaurants here, but all we’ve eaten so far are sandwiches in our room, some chicken satay from a nearby vendor for $12 split three ways, and then tuna and ramen for dinner. We drank one big beer that we bought for $1. So, we’re in in the lap of luxury, being frugal, and it’s awesome.

Yesterday we explored the grounds, swam in two pools, and read while the day cooled down a few degrees and the breeze picked up to soothe us from the heat. Highs here are are around 93, but with humidity it feels more like over 100. But its cooler by the ocean, and staying by and in the water is a must.

The people here are beautiful and kind, graciously showing us around and accepting us into their country. I know I am in a cocoon here, that much of this country is poor and undeveloped. I saw some of this when I first arrived and stayed in a hotel by the airport. Many homes were in disrepair. Garbage lined the cracked streets, some which were paved, some just dirt and rocks. People stood around looking hungry. I hope to see more of this part of Thailand, which isn’t beautiful and perfect, but is reality. I feel very blessed and thankful to live the way I do.

My budget while visiting this country is $20 per day, and so far, I’ve stuck to it. After the Marriott Beach Club, we’ll hop a bus and then a ferry over to the Lower Gulf, and visit Koh Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, and possibly Ko Samui. If anyone has been there, I appreciate any tips!

When I travel, I feel such pure bliss. To experience another place, another culture, such beauty on this planet we call home, is something I will never take for granted. I think travel changes us, opens our eyes, shows us the world is so much bigger than the small space we orbit in. I hope all of us work to protect and treasure this magnificent blue marble we live on.…